Chatgpt Poses the Biggest Threat to 10 Professions, Increase Your Skills Now, Update Yourself With Chatgpt, Do Not Run Away.

ChatGPT High risk in 10 professions Update yourself with ChatGPT, don't run away

ChatGPT has created a stir in the world of technology and the internet these days. Chatbot ChatGPT, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, was launched on November 30 last year. By January, its monthly active users reached 10 crores in two months. (ChatGPT High risk in 10 professions, Update yourself with ChatGPT, Don’t run away)

With this, it became the fastest-growing user application in the history of the Internet. 1.3 crore users were added daily in January. Despite such usage, Internet users and the technology world are in an uproar. Because, in fact, many white-collar jobs are at risk from ChatGPT. Concerns are also being expressed in educational institutions, on the other hand, experts from the tech world believe that this threat is not soon.

ChatGPT is a revolution, it is coming; productivity will increase

Actually, ChatGPT has many limitations. Because currently, it gives data only till 2021. The creator and developer have made it as per their wish. That is, its information suffers from bias, it does not always give correct information, and sometimes even gives wrong answers. Hence less reliable and still in the primary stage at a technical level.

The special thing is that ChatGPT does not have common sense like humans. It is not developing anything new. It prepares the sample based only on the existing data. But it is not right to ignore its strength and potential.

Because it will increase rapidly in the coming times. Will update and upgrade itself, hence many jobs will be in danger. The same crisis is facing India also, we should develop the skills of the youth and manpower of the country.

It should not be our objective to compete with ChatGPT. Because this is a revolution of technology, change will definitely come, we have to prepare ourselves for this change. For example, when the computer came in the 1990s, it was said that it would eat away jobs. But the opposite happened, computers created many jobs, and provided many employment opportunities, because of computers, work started getting done faster and more accurately.

ChatGPT has come, so we have to find opportunities in disaster, use of ChatGPT has to be converted into a solution for education, employment, and ending unemployment, it will do more work with less effort in the coming time, and will also save wastage of time. Many opportunities will come, we just have to prepare ourselves.

Due to the attack of ChatGPT, people who remain stuck on old thinking will be in danger. ChatGPT will only make a difference to those who will not develop the skills. Tools like ChatGPT are going to increase productivity significantly shortly.

According to Forbes, the number of active AI startups has increased 14 times. 72% of executives believe that Artificial Intelligence will be the most important part of business in the future.

ChatGPT is threatening these jobs

Tech Jobs, Coders, Computer Programmers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Software Developers, Data Analysts, Medicine Virtual Surgery and Robotic Surgery Possible, Media Jobs, Content Creation, Advertising, Technical Writing, Journalism, Legal Industry Jobs, Market Research Analysts, Teachers It is said to have had a deep impact on many professions like Professors, Finance Jobs, Financial Analysts, Financial Advisors, Traders, Stock Analysts, Graphic Designers, Accountants, Customer Service Agents.

ChatGPT app created by Sam Altman

Sam Altman learned coding at the age of 8. Left home at the age of 16. Left Stanford University after two years and started making mobile apps.

ChatGPT What is ChatGPT doing?

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Trent Transformer) application is a machine learning system, which learns from data and generates results from research. Understands your question, and gives accurate and correct answers, not only that, it creates 3D images instead of text. The more accurate and proven your question is, the more accurate and proven its answer will be. You need to learn the technology of ChatGPT and the skill of using it.

Better Use Possible

  • Teachers can fulfill the lack of content. Will be able to concentrate on teaching in the remaining time.
  • Artificial Intelligence needs to be included as an additional or mandatory subject in education.
  • The result of not including Artificial Intelligence will be that our current education system will become outdated.
  • There is a need to think about how to use ChatGPT (Generative Pre-Trent Transformer) in the field of education.