Google Chrome Extensions | These Chrome Extensions Will Save Your Precious Time, Increase Productivity


Google Chrome Extensions: The Internet has made life easier in countless ways. Web Browser has given a new impetus to the use of the Internet. In fact, web browsers have made the Internet accessible to millions of people around the world.

Currently, among all the web browsers to access the Internet, one is Google Chrome (Google Chrome), which was introduced in 2008, is one of the most used web browsers in the world today.

Google Chrome web browser has given the option of many extensions for the convenience of the users. Many tasks can be done easily with the help of these extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions

From taking screenshots to language tools, Google Chrome provides its users with many extensions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). By using these extensions, users can do their work very easily.

Extensions available for all kinds of purposes have made Google Chrome more convenient for users. Nowadays, there are thousands of Chrome extensions available for the users of Google Chrome browsers.

It may be a bit difficult to identify one of these as your favorite or better extension. In such a situation, here are some special Chrome extensions to solve this dilemma. With the help of these extensions, you can smartly do many of your tasks in less time.

Checker Plus

Checker Plus extension can prove to be a better option for all those users who use Google Chrome browser and who mostly work on the Internet or online. They can make their calendar very easy with the help of this extension.

Checker Plus extension is useful to inform users about upcoming events, meeting notifications, and reminders and remind them of the events. Without opening Google Calendar, users can receive alerts with the help of the Checker Plus extension. According to the application developers, the Checker Plus extension is 100 times better than the regular calendar.

Print Friendly & PDF

This extension saves paper and printer ink i.e. ink or color. The Print Friendly & PDF extension removes ads, navigation panes, and extra space before printing.

Optimizes paper to suit the printer and adds to the overall reading experience. With its help, the user can edit the paper before printing, remove unnecessary images and change the size of the text.

Otter AI Chrome Extension (

Today, there are many tools with the help of which you can record videos and do live streaming. Gone are the days when one used to sit at one place and listen to audio recordings with great attention.

The AI-based extension helps users transcribe and caption virtual meetings in real-time. This extension of the Chrome application gives the user the option to save transcripts to the account.

To date, it is one of the best applications that provides real-time transcription experience. It is capable of providing services in the English language on platforms like Zoom, Android, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Android, and iOS.