Your ‘Private Photo’ Leaked on the Internet, This is the Way to Delete It

How To Delete Intimate Video Or Photos From Social Media

How To Remove Fake Obscene Photos From Internet: There are a lot of deepfake photos on social media these days. The cases of making obscene videos of girls and women viral by creating fake IDs on social sites are increasing. We are going to tell you what to do if someone’s intimate or private video gets leaked or goes viral.

You can Easily Escape

Many such cases are seen when someone creates fake obscene photos or videos of someone with the help of tools. In many cases, it has been seen that these pictures are also shared on social media. If you become a victim of such an accident, you can easily escape. For this, you will have to go to a website and give complete information about the matter and that photo will be easily deleted from the internet.

What do you have to do?

If any objectionable picture of you or someone you know is visible on any social media site, then first of all you have to go to Here you have to create your case and then enter all the required details.

This process must be completed

After following the steps mentioned above, you will have to upload that photo and follow the entire process. Here let us tell you that you can select a maximum 20 photos in one case. After investigation, these pictures will be removed from the internet.

Keep these things in mind

Before adopting this procedure, you have to keep in mind that only people above 18 years of age can be helped in such a case. If you are under 18, the process is different. While making any case you will have to select your age.

Those under 18 years of age should adopt the second option. As soon as you select under 18 years of age, you will get some other options. You can get further information by visiting these options.